Staging Your Home To Sell!

Staging Your Home To Sell!

In recent years, "do it yourself" has become a widespread phenomenon.  Thanks to HGTV and TLC, there are many shows that illustrate as well as demonstrate how to market your home in it's BEST light.

What are Buyers Looking For?
Buyers are looking for a move-in ready home, so don't give them a reason to walk away unhappy!  Make needed repairs (even many little fixes can turn buyers away).  Finish old projects, like repairing cosmetic elements such as patching a small crack in the wall or finish the crown molding project - even though it isn't a result of damage, buyers will be thinking, "What else is wrong with this house or how much money am I going to have to put into it." 

You don't have to be an interior designer to stage your home for a sale!  Just follow these simple steps and
you will be well on your way!

Stage your home for a sale!  Keep your home clean and neutral, getting rid of "everyday" clutter we all possess.  Everyone has there own specific taste, but when it comes to selling your home, opt for neutral colors (creams, taupe's, etc) that will appeal to the masses, offering a clean slate, allowing the opportunity for buyers to imagine themselves living in the home.  So, if you are that creative person with bright green walls, it pays to paint!  Additionally, open curtains and drapes to let in natural light, turn your lights on, think about playing soothing background music, and/or bake some sweets leaving a homey aroma!

Show off your square footage!  Take out some of your furniture and rearrange if necessary.  Remove the HUGE TV and refocus the focal point to something a bit more charming.  The less you have in the room, the more spacious it feels!

Update, update, update!  Everyone wants an updated home with all the frills.  When my friends sold their first home, they wanted the home to show in it's best light, but didn't have the money to contract professionals to install hardwood flooring, counters, and crown molding.  They watched a couple of videos, read a few books, and did it themselves while saving thousands of dollars!  And remember, what you put in (in most cases) you get back and then some!

At Best Homes, we consult with our clients and offer ideas on how to show their home in the "BEST' light.  We help stage your home and get it sold for you too!  By employing these successful staging techniques, with an aggressive marketing plan, we can achieve a maximum sales price in the shortest number of days. Please contact me if there is anything I can help you get your home ready to sell. 
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