Best Homes Marketing: How

Best Homes Marketing: How



How We Capture Demand & Bring Buyers to Your Doorstep!


We cannot create Market Demand, but we can capture what is there…


In today’s changing market, capturing the existing demand is vital!


The most important thing to remember today:


Buyers don’t just use the internet to find homes – they use it to eliminate homes they don’t want to see.   Your home must be given the best possible on-line presentation, or risk elimination!


Recent studies by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) places the number of potential buyers using the internet as their primary source of information to both eliminate and select homes of interest at 80-85%!  We have structured our marketing program to integrate our print advertising with our on-line marketing.  All facets of our marketing are geared toward directing buyer traffic on-line where they can view multiple photos, a detailed description of the property, and a Virtual Tour; the 3 most important features to on-line homebuyers.  


Please review the synopsis below to better acquaint yourself with our proven Marketing Plan:


I.  On-Line Marketing:  Embrace & Give Contemporary Homebuyers What They Want


A.  High Quality & Multiple Photos—#1 on-line demand

1.  Objective: Take time to create stunning visual presentation with wide angle camera

2.  Staging—depersonalize, de-clutter, etc. to allow buyers to make home theirs from intro

3.  When appropriate AERIAL PHOTOS

4.  Pose and angle shots to optimize focal points & selling features

5.  Consider environmental factors ie. Time of day, shadows, weather conditions, etc.

6.  Proper sizing of photo for internet viewing ie. NO stretching, long loading, etc.

7.  Photoshop to crop, enhance lighting & color


2177 Flying Hills Lane is a great example of how staging, photo selection & photo editing come together to create a stunning on-line presentation. 


B.  Multiple Listing Service (MLS)—introducing your property to BUYERS and AGENTS

1.  MLS goes Active with all photos upon activation—83% of homebuyers rank multiple photos as most important feature when evaluating a home according to NAR 2006

2.  All information completely & accurately entered

3.  Detailed prose highlighting features of property—81% of homebuyers rank detailed    

description as most important feature when evaluating a home according to NAR 2006

4.  MLS e-mails to a database of 1,000s with similar home needs/desire on auto-email lists through Sandicor (San Diego’s real estate MLS service)—1 chance for a 1st impression.




8848 Glenira Avenue is a great example to compare how a superior presentation can sell a home, while a poor presentation can cause a home to languish on the market & consequently lose both money & buyers. 


C.—the most visited real estate website on the world wide web 

1.“Enhanced Listing Program” to upgrade listings on

a.  Only Agents who subscribe have the option to UPGRADE list

b.  Increases traffic by 72% over basic listings on the site

2.  Upgraded status allows us to add the address to all listings 

a.  Addresses are shown on less than 1% of all properties on

b.  Buyers can drive by at leisure before committing to pressure of a formal showing

3.  Upgraded Listing status adds dynamic, scrolling text and interest for a buyer


Click on Best Homes for all of our listings presented on, then do a sample search on to see how most un-upgraded properties appear. 


D.—a consumer driven real estate website

1.  Give Buyers what they want—ALL prop details ie. Addresses, photos, & Virtual Tours

2.  Listing access with no sign-in requirement for visitors—make it easy for buyers to buy


E.  Virtual Tours—60% ranked a VT as most important feature on-line according to NAR

1.  24-7 Open House on-line—allows busy buyers to experience your home anytime

2.  Film and create in-house on special software = MORE control over our content

3.  Virtual Tours are a searchable item and prioritizes prop on

4.  Add music—studies show buyers stay on looking longer with audio stimuli

5.  Linked to MLS, and



Click on 590 Rimrock Road to view one of our top-of-the-line Virtual Tours.


F.  E-Blasts—contacting 1,000s of people with a click of the mouse

1.  Alert Buyers & Agents about: Open Houses, New Listings, Price Changes, etc.

2.  Own a database with e-mails for virtually all San Diego County agents

3.  Database of 1,000s of leads who have subscribed to our e-mail notifications

4.  E-mails are “viral” and easily forwarded from one prospective buyer to another

5.  Link at TOP of all e-mails to BHT website with teaser for more pictures & Virtual Tour



An example of our e-mail blasts above--this has multiplied our Open House attendance!  

hhhhh  aaa

II.  Print Advertising—Including & Driving Traditional Buyers to the Internet

A.  Property Flyers—High quality adds to perception of value 

1.  Tangible high quality reminder of features of home with photos

2.  Link on all flyers directing to BHT website for more pictures & Virtual Tour


B.  All Property Flyers—advertises all BHT properties at each listing

1.  Benefit of All Property Flyers–Advertising brings buyers to one home & All Property

Flyers keep Buyers looking at all BHT listings

2.  Only lists area, Bdrm/Ba, etc., NOT PRICE = direct to website for more details


C.  Just Listed Postcards—Open Houses don’t sell homes; create perceived demand       

1.  Color Announcements–Color has higher chance of being read

2.  Sent to surrounding area—have sold to nearby renters & neighbors’ friends

3.  Direct to BHT website with teaser for more pictures & virtual tour       


D.  Union Tribune/newspaper advertising—print is NOT dead

1.  UT has largest local newspaper circulation & readership in San Diego

2.  Give basic info; directs buyer to BHT website with teaser for more pics & virtual tour       


The internet has the fastest adoption rate in technology history!  To ignore this phenomenon and behave like old dinosaurs stuck in old ways would be a disservice to our sellers.  This is why we have worked so hard to develop a system that integrates traditional print marketing with the innovative trend toward on-line consumerism.  We can’t make buyers buy your home, but we can increase the traffic and, in doing so, the perception that there is high demand for your property.  This is how Best Homes has achieved a track record for obtaining the “best” and highest possible sales price for our clients.  Don’t you and your most valued asset deserve a proven and high quality marketing system that results in optimum exposure?  Join our team to reap the rewards—hire  Best Homes today!  

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