OK, so you’ve heard the catchy buzz words and phrases—“staged,” “market-ready,” “move-in perfect,” and more—like a broken record from realtors.  The goal is to give a buyer no excuse to NOT out in an offer.  Although the "little" things are easy to fix, when they aren't prior to going into escrow it tells the buyer that this home hasn't been well-maintained, true or not.  For the realtors who really work with their Sellers to make these ideas real these catch phrases equal $$$$$DOLLAR$$$$$ signs.  


Recently we took on the project of selling 1913 Estela Drive, a unique home with both upgrades & views located in a great neighborhood.  While Estela Drive was gorgeous as is, it was not quite market ready.  In this case the seller's had done a remarkable job with upgrading & decorating the home so we suggested a few adjustments that were well-received & then it was "sale ready." 


We suggested that they de-clutter, so they rented a POD.  Into the POD went the extra memorabilia that is great while living & entertaining in a home, but can distract a buyer who is trying to potentially visualize their life in a home. 


They had gorgeous views, a definite hallmark selling point for the home, but the trees needed some trimming to really showcase the views from all angles of the backyard & through the windows.  The owners saw the validity in our suggestion to trim, so they hired someone to trim the trees to enhance the views.

 See, wouldn't you want to FEATURE these SPRAWLING VIEWS?!?

What did these “small” changes accompanied by our aggressive initial push of marketing accomplish?  Estela went into escrow within a week of going on the market with multiple offers—4 OFFERS. 


Although the quickness is somewhat uncommon the techniques & strategies are full-proof when selling a home.  Let the 2007 staging info below make you a believer how these "nit picky" suggestions can turn into $$$$$$ ...