Hola to all those who follow our blog! 

OK - I've heard your displeasure with my frequency (actually lack thereof) of new posts.  Hey - we're busy.  We've got 5 escrows open right now, offers going on 4 other homes, and a myriad of other things going on.  I'm coaching soccer, coaching little league, we've been doing numerous of open houses, showing property...  yeah - we're busy here!

But to let you know that all of you who've been bugging me about a blog post have been heard, here's a quick one.  I'll do more next week.

This picture ws sent in by a past client, with the caption below it.  This is it for now - more next week...

'Dear Lord:
Thank you for bringing  me to Timmy's house and not to Michael Vick's --  AMEN!'