What day is it?  Not sure - I could click the icon in the lower corner & find out, but who cares, really.  What time is it?  Don't know - the watch came off a few days ago too.

Tropical storm Olga is now well west of us.  It is extremely sad that as I wrote of weathering her fury, she was leaving devastation and death on the islands to the west.  10 dead last time I checked.  We really don't feel the carnage of things back home, but as we're in the midst of it the world's disasters feel more real.

The islanders here have been asking about our terrible fires that they'd heard so much about...  Just another reminder that no matter where you are, mother nature is waiting to let us know how little control we actually have over everything.

Suzy is sitting next to me, talking continually of Jake, Ashley, and Blazer.  A sure sign that she's getting homesick.

The beauty of where we are has resurfaced after Olga cut her path through with unseasonable wind and rain.  Yesterday we sailed to Jost Van Dyke and spent the day in White Bay at the Soggy Dollar Beach & Bar (it's called the Soggy Dollar because there is no dock - you must swim to shore from the anchorage).  Perfect weather - 20 knots of wind made a glorious downwind sail.

We're sitting at Myett's Beach in Cane Garden Bay  - here's my workstation!


The tourists are being herded onto the beach from the cruise ships like cattle going to the feeding trough.  Not for me!  They leave at about 3 PM to be herded back aboard, and processed.  That's when our beach gets nice again.

Nothing of significance to report now that the storm is gone.  Just the usual - sun, sand, sailing the occasional mild squall, snorkeling, and relaxation.  Here are the highlights from yesterday.

Captain Suzy at the helm.


A basic Caribbean sunset.


Just another white sand beach with no one there.  We thought about stopping and dropping anchor, but it would have been redundant.  Great times.  We're sitting a few feet from a steel drummer who just started playing "Kingston Town" 8' from me.  There is an 80 year woman dancing to the music in front of us.  The rum is flowing freely and the Island vibe is on for the day.


Playing Jingle Bells - Christmas in the Caribbean!

We're off to Norman Island (Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island) or Soper's Hole in about 30 minutes.  No blog for a day or two - no internet there.

Thanks to Sasha & Paris for keeping me informed & keeping the office running.  It's just business as usual beneath the tropic sun & stars!