If you read installment 2, you know by now that we've been experiencing a bit of weather.  I have never claimed to be a great seafarer, yet I have spent some time on the ocean.  Our sail into Cane Garden Bay on Monday afternoon was rather harrowing.  I had the genoa sail (a large jib to you landlubbers) cranked in to about 1/3 of full, and we were still mildly overpowered in our little boat.  I'd estimated the winds at about 30 knots, but upon review of the wind-speed loops they were well into the 40's.

Why were the knuckles holding so tightly on the wheel?  It turns out we were unknowingly sailing through a tropical storm!

After the official end of the Hurricane season, a tropical depression formed to the east of the Virgin Islands and blew through, smack-dab in the center of our sailing route.  Just more to add to our experiences on this trip - sailing through Tropical Storm Olga.  Below is a tracking of her route.  We are sitting under the 8 AM Tuesday location.

Off to Jost Van Dyke today!  Still raining as I sit in the beach bar at 6 AM local time - me and the dogs again!