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Rob & Suzy's 10th Aniversary Trip Installment 2

by Best Homes Team

"The women and water are in short supply - there's not enough dope for us all to get high, but I hear it gets better, at least that's what they say, as soon as we sail into Cane Garden Bay."

The words of immortal Jimmy Buffett, from the tune Manana.

Those words have never felt more true than yesterday, as Suzy and I steered the "Chablis" into the harbor at Cane Garden Bay on the north side of Tortola.

For those of you who've traveled with me, you know that I enjoy an element of adventure in my vacations and pastimes.  Exploring new spots, braving the elements, and even taking some risk in relation to reward is mandatory for my pastimes.

If a destination can be reached on a major commercial airliner with jet engines, it is not likely a place I'd prefer to go.  A walk across an open air tarmac with a small propeller-driven plane sitting on a short runway behind me stimulates the senses like nothing else.  Pre-processed fun is not for me.  The thought of sitting in a Hawaiian Hotel, with a poolside waitress handing me Pina-Coladas with 10,000 other tourists turns my stomach.  I need a bit more interaction with nature and the elements.

When Suzy and I got married 10 years ago I suggested a honeymoon on a chartered yacht in the Virgin Islands of the mystic Caribbean.  It turned out to be the perfect mix of fun and adventure.  The tradewinds were light, the seas were calm-to-moderate, and the weather was beautiful with the occasional tropical rainshower to cool us and wash away the salt.  It was the honeymoon of dreams.  Perfect in every way.

So, when our 10th anniversary came up, we said "Why not do it all over again?"

We found a reasonably priced charter yacht and had it provisioned for a week of sailing in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, hoping to recreate the state of bliss that was attained 10 years ago.

It is now the morning of day 4 of the trip, and we're waiting for the bliss to surface. Or simply peek out from behind the clouds, tropical squalls, or the lengendary howling of the Christmas Winds.

I'm blogging from a deserted beach bar at 5 AM, with torrential rains falling so heavily I've had to relocate to avoid the airborn mist bourne by the 40 knot winds.  Thunder is clapping around me and all the local beach dogs are huddled at my feet for warmth and shelter.  One of the anniversary gifts I gave to Suzy was a light waterproof jacket to keep her dry on the short dinghy rides from the boat to the beaches.

That foul weather gear has been the most worn piece of clothing on the trip.

The weather-proof smock has protected Suzy from not only the regular rains, but also the spray from the massive ocean waves we've braved in our crossings from island to island.  The waves have been driven by the constant 30+ knot winds (10-15 knots is ideal for sailing).  Each day the ocean has become a more harrowing place, and yesterday's downwind crossing from Monkey Point to Cane Garden Bay in incessant rain was the end of our braving the elements.

We've abandoned ship for the comforts of a beach hotel for a day or two.  As the winds whipped to over 40 knots last night, the rain pounded our roof in sheets, and the lighting flashed and thunder roared the prudence of our decision was evident.

Thus far, our 10 year trip has had only minor resemblance to our honeymoon.  There have been magical moments when in the secluded bays and ports where we celebrated our nuptials so many (but at the same time it seems so few) years ago we've found the paradise we sought.  Suzy has been a trooper, braving the rough seas and inclement conditions with a smile on her face and love in her heart.  Below are some photos taken when we weren't hiding from the squalls or holding the wheel of the boat with white-knuckles.

We'll post more later!  Today we're going to make a crossing to Jost Van Dyke and sip firewater-rum with Foxy!  Or we may just paddle our kayak here at Cane Garden, snorkeling and sitting on the beach.  Who knows - maybe I'll even have a Pina Colada and sit in a beach chair!  IF the weather lets up....

Here is our boat, the "Chablis" as we left the dock.  Jimmy Buffett was on the stereo, but somehow the tune in my head was the opening theme to "Gilligan's Island".


Here's Suzy at The Baths - a group of granite boulders arranged miraculously forming caves, pools, and crevices.  This crack opens out to a pool between more boulders.

Us enjoying a moment of sunshine at The Baths

The rocks at The Baths - absolutely fascinating - a must see if you come here.  You can spend hours hiking through these & snorkeling in the pools.

A rainbow over the reef at our anchorage - we hope to see a few less of these.

Monkey Point - great snorkeling!  First time I've ever snorkeled with huge Tarpon - nearly as big as us!


Rob & Suzy's 10th Anniversary

by Best Homes Team

Hola to all friends & clients of Rob & Suzy!

As many of you know, we are celebrating our 10th Anniversary.  We left San Diego in pouring rain yesterday morning, flew ALL day - 12+ hours in airports & on planes - to reach the British Virgin Islands at 10:30 PM.

Our cab driver, Godfrey, delivered us safely to the Hummingbird House where we felt more at home than anywhere we've ever stopped.  We sat under the stars by the pool until 1 AM, our travel-weary bodies caressed by the tropical breezes as we enjoyed a few cold drinks poured at the owner - Yvonne's - honor bar.

I strongly recommend the Hummingbird House to anyone traveling to Tortola - it is lovely.  Here's the view from our room.

We pick up our boat for 7 days of sailing at the dock below us in 1.5 hours.  Weather - 81 degrees, moderate tropical breezes, intermittent squalls, and fun in the forecast.  Here's the dock:

We'll keep you posted on things as we have service or the time.  If you wish to see any of our current listings call Shawn Fleming at (619)857-3303.  I'll be returning calls daily or when we have service.

Suzy says "Hi" to all!


The Big Game!!! Cowgirls vs. Pink Power rematch!

by Best Homes Team

Well, as many of you who know us are aware, I have taken an interest in my kid's sports/recreational activities.  I've spent many hours as a coach, assistant coach, shoe-tie guy, and equipment manager.  It's fun.  And rewarding.  I get to see the growth of not only my own kids, but the other little rascals as well.

I have the opportunity to observe their development on the field as individuals and as teams.  These kids on the squads I've coached are friends of my own children and children of my friends.  It is a special thing to see their personalities develop.

Presently I'm coaching a group of 2nd grade girls who've chosen the name of "Cowgirls" as their team moniker. 

I've coached a few teams thus far in my brief stint at kids' sports leadership; last year I had the pleasure of leading my son's team to an undefeated season.  Yet even with that success last year, coaching this Cowgirls team has been one of the most rewarding things I've done.  This group of girls has so much personality.  Their willingness to learn and desire to put out extreme effort continues to amaze me weekly.

When we started the season we really didn't know just how good we were.  There were individual athletes who we knew could perform at higher levels, but no one knew just how well the group would play together.  Each of these young ladies supports the others.  I believe that every player on the team has scored at least once - a first for many of them.  We're passing the ball, dribbling well, and playing great defense.  Our top scoring threats are happy to play defense or a passing position, and some of the players who've been timid or disinterested are now mixing it up in traffic.  Everyone has contributed to our season.

Well, if you're still with me here, you probably already know that in our 3rd game of the season we ran into another team of very good soccer players.  The Pink-Power team we faced off against handed us our first loss.  They passed very well, ran very well, and played defense very well.  Frankly, we were out-coached in that loss.  With our first two wins coming so easily we thought we could just throw the girls out there and let them go at it.  We had a lack of focus on defense, with our defenders far out of position.  We also did not have our line players - forwards and midfielders - in the best positions to suit their talents and help the team.

It was a learning experience.  Our girls learned that just because they're better athletes doesn't mean they'll always win.  After that loss, our practices were better, we started playing better positon soccer, and our passing improved dramatically.  The team became more focused (as focued as 7 year old girls can be) and played better as a unit.

Well, after the loss we ran the table through the middle of the schedule with easy victories over quality soccer teams, but our lone setback nagged at us.  Our girls wanted another shot at the Pink Power squad, and on Saturday November 10th they got it.

Our practice on the preceeding Thursday was the best of the year, working on positions and passing.  The girls played the coaches, and we worked at being in the right place at the right time.  By the time the windsprints were done, the Cowgirls were a fired-up bunch of 2nd graders.

When we took the field on the morning of the 10th, this was a different Cowgirl team than the one we had at the start of the season.  There were no dragonfly chasers, ladybug savers, or generally disinterested kids.  What we had was a team of young ladies focused on putting forth their best effort.  When the whistle blew for the kickoff, our girls were at their highest emotional and physical peak of the season.

The team's motto for this week was "Wings On Our Feet."

Within the first 60 seconds, the Pink Power girls knew it too.  They had easily dominated all their opponents this season, and they were having their backsides handed to them for the the first time.  The Cowgirls didn't score in the first period, but the Pink Power goalie was quite busy.  They did an excellent job of holding back a ravenous group of Cowgirls.

In the second period their defense was penetrated.  Ashlin put a goal into the net after a series of passing and pressuring the ball upfield led by Kelsey.  The Cowgirls went into halftime with a tenuous one goal lead on the unbeaten Pink Power squad.

The 3rd period opened after a quick power jolt of fresh cut oranges and a talk from moi on staying focused, continuing to play our positions, and a bit of defensive strategy.  The Cowgirls once again came out strong, with Lauren moved up to forward from the defender's positon.  Ashley pushed the ball upfield in front of the goal into the crowd of defenders and just like we practice, the ball popped out of the bee-hive and Lauren was in perfect postion at forward to whack it into the net.

2-0 Cowgirls.

The third period ended without any more scoring, and the Pink Power coach pulled his defenders, sending all 8 players at my girls in the 4th.  It was herioc defensive soccer in a hard fought game.  Two girls took shots to the face - Catherine on our team and a Pink Power player.  Both players were taken off the field, but both returned to the battle again.

The cliche goes that all good things have to come to an end, and this game did just that.  It ended up a 2-0 Cowgirls victory.

It would have been nice to have gone undefeated for the season, yet I think our loss put us on the right track.  We learned from it - to not be over confident and to play better soccer.  It made this game more fun too, with our girls (and coaches) anticipating a rematch with a tough team.  If we had been victorious the first go-round, this would have been just another game.  Instead it was a rallying point that made us stronger - as individuals and as a team.

I'm so very proud of the young ladies on our Cowgirl team.  They earned this victory with their hard work & hard play.  There was no quit in them, and (assuming they win this coming Saturday - we will be prepared!) they've captured at least a shared league title.

Individual efforts are as follows:

Catherine - Great Goalie work in the first half & great midfield & forward work in the 2nd.  Played through an injury too.

Hailey - Great work at center-midfielder and defender and froward.  She was everywhere.

Kelsey - Fabulous defense & pushing the ball upfield as a midfielder.  Set up Ashlin's goal with work moving the ball into position.

Natasha - Wonderful work at staying on the ball at midfielder and controlling the tempo at center-midfielder.

Marsha - Great work in goal in the 2nd half, and at forward.  Tenacious in going after the ball the entire game.

Olivia - Always there, mixing it up.  kept the ball in opponent's zone.  Played exceptional defense in the 2nd half.  Always with a smile on her face.

Lauren - Pressure, pressure, pressure = goal!  Played great defense in 1st & 2nd halves too.  Perfect position to score.

Ashlin - Automatic - weaved through the defense & scored.  Great defense too.  Difference maker from first game! (wasn't there for that one!)

Katelyn - Game Ball winner!  Played her best game of the year, and was stellar in the deciding 4th period.

Ashley - Great in goal for the 4th and final period.  Set up Lauren's goal in the 3rd with excellent effort in traffic.

Thanks to all these girls for their effort, and to their parents who have been so supportive this year!

Firestorm 2007 - San Diegans come together in times of crisis!

by Best Homes Team

On Sunday, October 21st I met with the soccer team I coach (7 year old girls) at 10:00 AM to take our team photo.  One of the parents and a friend of mine, Chris Sovay, is a San Diego firefighter.  He was considering playing in a benefit golf tournament  with me that day, but had to bow out.  He mentioned casually, "We're expecting there might be fires with the Santa Ana winds.  I'm on call to go in to work."

"Might be fires..." would be the understatement of 2007, and perhaps this decade.

The golf tournament went on, without Chris.  At tee time, 1 PM, we had heard nothing of fires.  By the time we finished at 6, we understood that there were fires burning.  When the dinner was over at 8:30 PM, we were aware that evacuations were well under way and many homes were in peril.

How quickly things change...  From an October morning that the Chamber of Commerce might feature in a brochure to the onset of the worst firestorm in history in just a few hours...  I'm not going to try and report upon that; the media has done an excellent job in keeping the citizenry updated and informed.

I just want to take a moment to thank the San Diego Firefighters, The Division of Forestry Firefighters, all Law Enforcement officers and officials, The American Red Cross, The San Diego Food Bank, the Media, and so many other entities (including politicians) for making this potential disaster as tolerable and controlled as it possibly could be.

Hats off to everyone involved for orderly handling of this.  It could have been a crisis, and I'm certain it is for those who have lost their homes, yet the handling of the situation undoubtedly saved many lives.  Homes can be rebuilt, but the valuable things - life and families - have been spared by the quick and decisive actions of the entities noted above.  Great Work.

I also want to take a moment to congratulate the people of San Diego County.  I just returned from making a donation at the evacuation site at Qualcomm Stadium, and I must say that I have never seen such an outpouring of aid.  There were mountains of supplies - food, water, blankets, sleeping bags, tents, canopies, pet & animal food and more.  Here's a photo I shot with my cell phone as I was passing out water to the site workers.

Let's give ourselves a pat on the back for our efforts.  There is more here than they can use, yet I was assured that the supplies will be needed elsewhere.  The woman who put me to work told me that when they need anything, they simply notify the media.  Whatever they ask for is there, with cars lined up to deliver it in less than an hour.

WOW.  I'm impressed at the efforts of San Diego in pulling together in this time of need.  I know that there are people using the shelter I brought for relief from the sun, there are kids enjoying the toys that my own children donated from their toyboxes, and the other supplies we've donated are helping make life easier there as people wait to return to their homes.

My heart goes out to those who have lost their homes.  I lived through the wind-whipped flames of the Panorama fire in 1980.  We managed to save our home then; 100's of our neighbors did not.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those folks today who've suffered loss, just as they did 27 years ago to our friends and neighbors.

Good luck to the men & women still out there on the lines!  And thanks, Chris, for skipping golf to save lives and homes.


Oktoberfest! A Best Homes Team Tradition Coming to an End?

by Best Homes Team

Hola to all our friends and clients!

Well, as things go, changes have come and for the first time in at least 14 (and maybe 17) years we will not be at the La Mesa Oktoberfest.  Yep - if you wander past our location that has been a fixture at the corner of Pine and Allison (thank god the City didn't change the name of this street that honors a founding father of the City), you will not find us there handing out balloons to all kids and real estate flyers to those interested in properties.

It seems decades ago that we started the tradition of being on the boulevard with our flyers and brochures.  My wife Suzy and I tired to think about when we got started there - we've been together 13 years (10 married) and I had put in 3-4 years B.S. (before Suzy).

We've always been innovators in the field of real estate marketing and sales, and I was indeed the first real estate broker to have a presence at the Oktoberfest.  It was a new and exciting concept to have real estate information available at the venue.  In those early days EVERYONE from La Mesa went to the event.  We saw past and present clients, and made lots of new friends. 

And, we sold homes there.

We must remember that the Internet did not exist as a marketing medium until the last 8 years or so.  There was no way for buyers to see homes without calling a Realtor, and the concept of having full color flyers there at the event for 100,000+ people to see was unique.  Each year we sold at least one home to someone who stopped by the booth.  One year we had a buyer stop by on Friday, take a flyer, and they bought the home on Saturday.  That buyer's home was listed on Saturday - we made a quick color flyer for it, and that home sold on Sunday at the booth.  It was amazing!

It is said that everything changes, and so has the Oktoberfest for us.  Now buyers can visit homes on the Internet and take full interior and exterior tours.  Over the past few years the public interest in seeing real estate flyers has diminished.  This is understandable, as anyone interested in buying or selling need simply go on-line and view homes to their heart's content.

Another factor that has contributed to our opting out of this fine La Mesa event is apathy of the people in La Mesa and the surrounding communities.  Let's face it - we've been there, and so has everyone else.  What used to be a fun little gathering in the quaint Downtown area has now become a mega-event that attracts 200,000+.  The local people don't come out any more!  Over the past 3-4 years we haven't seen the same friendly faces.  I've met folks from Santa Barbara, Temecula, and Ensenada there, but see fewer and fewer from our area.

So for the first time in many, many years, the Best Homes Team will not be a fixture at the La Mesa Oktoberfest.  Will we be missed?  At least 10 of our past clients have asked us is we would be attending.  A few may wonder where we went, but the Oktoberfest will go on without us.

Everything changes, and this Sunday as I'm taking my kids water-skiing & fishing at our home on the Colorado River (don't worry - I have my laptop & cell phone for offers & communication), I may just get a bit of mist in my eye as I recall Sundays for 14+ years listening to the "Chicken" song and handing out balloons in downtown La Mesa.

Thanks to you all for your continued support.  New and innovative marketing ideas are coming!  It seems the Oktoberfest has passed for us, but you never know - we could be back next year!

Rob & Suzy Northrup and the Best Homes Team

Canada Trip

by Best Homes Team
Hola to you fisherpeople & friends of Rob Northrup,
Many of you have asked about my most recent outing!
Here's how the Canada Trip went.
left house August 23rd - 2:00 AM
23rd - Flew to Vancouver 6 AM Apprx - 2 hr layover - went to the Flying Beaver Bar for lunch - very interesting - seaplane terminal - see photos.
After Lunch flew to Campbell River on Vancouver Island - fly fished until dark.  Numerous hook-ups on Pink Salmon, but none landed by Mike or Rob.  We sucked.  All those fishing around us landed at least one.  Sorry - no photos.  Beautiful fly fishing spot though.  Joan Hall fixed a fabulous dinner of pasta & homemade sauce!!!!  WOW!
Day 2 - 24th - Up at 5 AM to drive 4 hrs to Winter Harbor.  Drive uneventful, but exciting nonetheless as Bill touched 90+ MPH a few times, slowing to 80 on the rain-slick corners.  Stopped to see Bill & Joan Hall's friends - the Sattler (sp?) Brothers.  They're both in their 90's & camp & fish all summer around Vancouver Island.  Great guys!  Here's a photo taken from their front porch.  Not a bad place to wake up....  I hope I'm doing what they're doing when I'm in my 90's.

Arrived at Winter Harbor to find that they'd changed their schedule.  No fishing on check in day!  We're a DAY early!!!!  Oh well: great lunch of fresh fish & chips & beers on dock patio.  Dinner was NY steak in peppercorn sauce & Salmon in dill sauce - a solid "8.5" on the 1-10 scale.  Time to settle in & get a good night's sleep?  NOT!!!!  Heavy breathing creature near (or in?) our room kept us up most of the night.
August 25th - up at 5 AM - in the boat by 5:45 & out to sea.  Mixed up sea state - very little wind early.  Light rain early but cleared.  Went to our spot about 12 - 15 miles south.  Anchored & hit a few right away - halibut & lingcod.  Our bi-polar guide Dan told us the fish bite better on the slack tides here.  Full moon had tides raging!  It was just about slack when we anchored (180 ft apprx), but picked up to ripping current.  Dan said the current pulls the scent of the bait away too fast.  Used Mackerel, Herring, Salmon, & some squid for bait.  Dan said we'd "wait it out" for the next slack in the tide - 5+ hours on the hook & slow pick on the fish.  Snapper bit the jigs ok (I jigged - Mike & Bill fished bait) but the big boys - Halibut & Lings - were scarce.  About 10 AM I succumbed to lack of sleep & the rolling & building sea & got seasick.  Kept fishing though.  Mike & Bill were fine.  The "slack tide bite" scheduled for noon never happened.  Left the spot to salmon fish at about 2 PM.  Very windy by this time - we could only troll downwind.  One Salmon at about 30 Lbs & nothing else.  Bill & Mike agreed to call it a day after I'd barfed everything up & was dry-heaving by 4 PM.  Slightly wet ride back.  Day total was 3-4 Halibut (Mike got a 58), 4-5 lings (biggest about 42), a salmon, and 5-6 snapper + 2 rockcod.  Sorry - no photos first day from me - too sick - perhaps Mike will add.  Not a bad day by our standards, but Wild-Man-Dan the guide was very disappointed.  Showered, did some business on the Sat Phone, Dinner (blackened salmon in a fusion over garlic mashers & pounded chicken in a saffron sauce - another 8+ on the scale!) & bed.  Good night's sleep - the loud creature was absent most of the night...
August 26th - Up at 5 AM - in the boat by 5:40.  Dan was very disappointed in his guiding the previous day so he took us to the "guaranteed" spot 30 miles south.  Light rain most of the way.  Seas had calmed considerably.  Michelle - the resort maid - gave me a forest-green concoction of unknown mixture to ward off seasickness.  Worked!  With our longer run the guaranteed spot had the current already ripping.  Anchored up on spot #1 in great weather - about 140 ft.  Albacore boiling around the boat!!!  It was over by the time I got the albacore jig out.  Put bait & Halibut jig in water - BAM!!!!! - The snapper bite was on.  Not much else though.  2 hours on the hook - probably 15 snapper & one ling.  Dan says we're moving - we moved about 1/4 mile.  Reset the hook - nothing - a few snapper.  After about an hour Dan moves again, this time to deeper water - about 197, and says the same thing as yesterday - "when the tide slacks we'll get bites."  On our new spot, with the tide slacking, we indeed did get bites.  Dan proved his reputation at the lodge as the "ling king" and we steadily picked away for the rest of the afternoon on Lings, Halibut, and of course, the snapper.  We probably caught 40+ snaps, limits of lings, and 4-5 Halibut, + 2 salmon caught on the anchor jigging the Crocodile Spoon.  We fed the resort on the Snapper for the final day lunch of fish & chips.  Note the Lings in the photo - consistent at 40-43 lbs.  There are fish on the hooks behind Mike's right shoulder that did not make the picture.
On the ride home we could not break a plane in the boat with 400+ lbs of fish in the bow & nearly ran out of fuel.  3hrs 15 minutes to get back.  13 knots tops due to too much weight!  That's good fishin' baby!!!!!  Dan may be physco, but he finds fish!!!!  Back at 7 - cigar, martini(s), some sat phone biz, & dinner.  Lamb shank & Halibut - WOW again!
August 27th - Slept in until 5:15 AM - our latest day leaving the dock - almost 6 AM!  All of us are sore & tired from 2 long days in a 19' boat with mega boat rides.  First day was shorter with very rough water & second longer (actually an odyssey) with smoother water.  Last day...  Today our target is salmon.  So far we've only got three.
Water is beautiful!  Glassy smooth with gentle roll.  Albacore again boiling around the boat - threw a jig smack-dab into a boil & got nothing.  Oh well, we're fishing salmon anyway.  Uneventful except when Bill & Dan locked horns as tensions built over two days flared up.  Slow trolled with the downriggers & had steady pick on King Salmon & Silver Salmon.  In photo the smaller salmon are silvers - they look small next to the Kings, but are really quite large for their species.  Picked up a bunch, + 3 lings as the downrigged lures went over shoals.
Salmon Day - again fish over Mike's right shoulder did not make picture
Left resort after loading & another lunch of fish & chips.  Stopped in Port Hardy to pick up processed fish & they knocked out today's catch.  378 pounds of fish.  Back in Campbell river with fish in the freezer by 10:30.
28th - up & fly fishing for pinks in the Campbell river in a steady rain by 7:45.  I got five quick hook-ups & no fish landed.  Had one within 10', but couldn't close the deal.  My stick goes dead & Mike goes bend-o consistently.  He schools me by landing one easily - a pink about 4-5 lbs.  Fish is released.  Mike hooks up again - this time a Silver or a King - probably 8-10 lbs.  After a tough fight the fish wins.  I go bend-o next - a King about 20lbs - swims by me like it doesn't know it's hooked, then when it sees me it's gone.  Spooled me & broke off when I ran out of line.  A few more hook-ups for Mike, but no more fish landed.  So far after three quick trips to the Campbell River - Mike - 2 landed out of 20-40 hook-ups.  Rob 0-for 20-40 hook-ups.  I don't like being 0'fer - I'm going back....
Left the river, loaded up, had lunch with Bill & Joan, then flew out.  Another layover at the Flying Beaver seaplane terminal where Mike & I discussed family, fishing, life, and our favorite movie stars.  Home to LAX with baggage claimed then through the parking shuffle. Back to SD at about 2 AM.  In bed asleep at 2:30.  Kids got me up at six-twenty.
Sasha & Paris did a terrific job here - thanks to both of them - one sold & another offer in the works.  Two open houses & a broker's tour too.  Satellite Phone was great - expensive, but kept me in touch with the business too.  We never stop serving our client's needs!
These are my kind of trips - I need a rest after my vacation!

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