Hola to you fisherpeople & friends of Rob Northrup,
Many of you have asked about my most recent outing!
Here's how the Canada Trip went.
left house August 23rd - 2:00 AM
23rd - Flew to Vancouver 6 AM Apprx - 2 hr layover - went to the Flying Beaver Bar for lunch - very interesting - seaplane terminal - see photos.
After Lunch flew to Campbell River on Vancouver Island - fly fished until dark.  Numerous hook-ups on Pink Salmon, but none landed by Mike or Rob.  We sucked.  All those fishing around us landed at least one.  Sorry - no photos.  Beautiful fly fishing spot though.  Joan Hall fixed a fabulous dinner of pasta & homemade sauce!!!!  WOW!
Day 2 - 24th - Up at 5 AM to drive 4 hrs to Winter Harbor.  Drive uneventful, but exciting nonetheless as Bill touched 90+ MPH a few times, slowing to 80 on the rain-slick corners.  Stopped to see Bill & Joan Hall's friends - the Sattler (sp?) Brothers.  They're both in their 90's & camp & fish all summer around Vancouver Island.  Great guys!  Here's a photo taken from their front porch.  Not a bad place to wake up....  I hope I'm doing what they're doing when I'm in my 90's.

Arrived at Winter Harbor to find that they'd changed their schedule.  No fishing on check in day!  We're a DAY early!!!!  Oh well: great lunch of fresh fish & chips & beers on dock patio.  Dinner was NY steak in peppercorn sauce & Salmon in dill sauce - a solid "8.5" on the 1-10 scale.  Time to settle in & get a good night's sleep?  NOT!!!!  Heavy breathing creature near (or in?) our room kept us up most of the night.
August 25th - up at 5 AM - in the boat by 5:45 & out to sea.  Mixed up sea state - very little wind early.  Light rain early but cleared.  Went to our spot about 12 - 15 miles south.  Anchored & hit a few right away - halibut & lingcod.  Our bi-polar guide Dan told us the fish bite better on the slack tides here.  Full moon had tides raging!  It was just about slack when we anchored (180 ft apprx), but picked up to ripping current.  Dan said the current pulls the scent of the bait away too fast.  Used Mackerel, Herring, Salmon, & some squid for bait.  Dan said we'd "wait it out" for the next slack in the tide - 5+ hours on the hook & slow pick on the fish.  Snapper bit the jigs ok (I jigged - Mike & Bill fished bait) but the big boys - Halibut & Lings - were scarce.  About 10 AM I succumbed to lack of sleep & the rolling & building sea & got seasick.  Kept fishing though.  Mike & Bill were fine.  The "slack tide bite" scheduled for noon never happened.  Left the spot to salmon fish at about 2 PM.  Very windy by this time - we could only troll downwind.  One Salmon at about 30 Lbs & nothing else.  Bill & Mike agreed to call it a day after I'd barfed everything up & was dry-heaving by 4 PM.  Slightly wet ride back.  Day total was 3-4 Halibut (Mike got a 58), 4-5 lings (biggest about 42), a salmon, and 5-6 snapper + 2 rockcod.  Sorry - no photos first day from me - too sick - perhaps Mike will add.  Not a bad day by our standards, but Wild-Man-Dan the guide was very disappointed.  Showered, did some business on the Sat Phone, Dinner (blackened salmon in a fusion over garlic mashers & pounded chicken in a saffron sauce - another 8+ on the scale!) & bed.  Good night's sleep - the loud creature was absent most of the night...
August 26th - Up at 5 AM - in the boat by 5:40.  Dan was very disappointed in his guiding the previous day so he took us to the "guaranteed" spot 30 miles south.  Light rain most of the way.  Seas had calmed considerably.  Michelle - the resort maid - gave me a forest-green concoction of unknown mixture to ward off seasickness.  Worked!  With our longer run the guaranteed spot had the current already ripping.  Anchored up on spot #1 in great weather - about 140 ft.  Albacore boiling around the boat!!!  It was over by the time I got the albacore jig out.  Put bait & Halibut jig in water - BAM!!!!! - The snapper bite was on.  Not much else though.  2 hours on the hook - probably 15 snapper & one ling.  Dan says we're moving - we moved about 1/4 mile.  Reset the hook - nothing - a few snapper.  After about an hour Dan moves again, this time to deeper water - about 197, and says the same thing as yesterday - "when the tide slacks we'll get bites."  On our new spot, with the tide slacking, we indeed did get bites.  Dan proved his reputation at the lodge as the "ling king" and we steadily picked away for the rest of the afternoon on Lings, Halibut, and of course, the snapper.  We probably caught 40+ snaps, limits of lings, and 4-5 Halibut, + 2 salmon caught on the anchor jigging the Crocodile Spoon.  We fed the resort on the Snapper for the final day lunch of fish & chips.  Note the Lings in the photo - consistent at 40-43 lbs.  There are fish on the hooks behind Mike's right shoulder that did not make the picture.
On the ride home we could not break a plane in the boat with 400+ lbs of fish in the bow & nearly ran out of fuel.  3hrs 15 minutes to get back.  13 knots tops due to too much weight!  That's good fishin' baby!!!!!  Dan may be physco, but he finds fish!!!!  Back at 7 - cigar, martini(s), some sat phone biz, & dinner.  Lamb shank & Halibut - WOW again!
August 27th - Slept in until 5:15 AM - our latest day leaving the dock - almost 6 AM!  All of us are sore & tired from 2 long days in a 19' boat with mega boat rides.  First day was shorter with very rough water & second longer (actually an odyssey) with smoother water.  Last day...  Today our target is salmon.  So far we've only got three.
Water is beautiful!  Glassy smooth with gentle roll.  Albacore again boiling around the boat - threw a jig smack-dab into a boil & got nothing.  Oh well, we're fishing salmon anyway.  Uneventful except when Bill & Dan locked horns as tensions built over two days flared up.  Slow trolled with the downriggers & had steady pick on King Salmon & Silver Salmon.  In photo the smaller salmon are silvers - they look small next to the Kings, but are really quite large for their species.  Picked up a bunch, + 3 lings as the downrigged lures went over shoals.
Salmon Day - again fish over Mike's right shoulder did not make picture
Left resort after loading & another lunch of fish & chips.  Stopped in Port Hardy to pick up processed fish & they knocked out today's catch.  378 pounds of fish.  Back in Campbell river with fish in the freezer by 10:30.
28th - up & fly fishing for pinks in the Campbell river in a steady rain by 7:45.  I got five quick hook-ups & no fish landed.  Had one within 10', but couldn't close the deal.  My stick goes dead & Mike goes bend-o consistently.  He schools me by landing one easily - a pink about 4-5 lbs.  Fish is released.  Mike hooks up again - this time a Silver or a King - probably 8-10 lbs.  After a tough fight the fish wins.  I go bend-o next - a King about 20lbs - swims by me like it doesn't know it's hooked, then when it sees me it's gone.  Spooled me & broke off when I ran out of line.  A few more hook-ups for Mike, but no more fish landed.  So far after three quick trips to the Campbell River - Mike - 2 landed out of 20-40 hook-ups.  Rob 0-for 20-40 hook-ups.  I don't like being 0'fer - I'm going back....
Left the river, loaded up, had lunch with Bill & Joan, then flew out.  Another layover at the Flying Beaver seaplane terminal where Mike & I discussed family, fishing, life, and our favorite movie stars.  Home to LAX with baggage claimed then through the parking shuffle. Back to SD at about 2 AM.  In bed asleep at 2:30.  Kids got me up at six-twenty.
Sasha & Paris did a terrific job here - thanks to both of them - one sold & another offer in the works.  Two open houses & a broker's tour too.  Satellite Phone was great - expensive, but kept me in touch with the business too.  We never stop serving our client's needs!
These are my kind of trips - I need a rest after my vacation!