Rob Northrup Sale #2 for 2008! 
Cosmetic Fixer Needing $100K Upgrades &
Sold by Best Homes Team for $760K...
1308 Hacienda Drive, Fletcher Hills!
Not even one month into January 2008 & the Best Homes Team has already closed on its second sale of the year! 1308 Hacienda Drive had been listed twice before with other “area experts” without selling. Despite needing roughly $100K in cosmetic upgrades we were able to successfully sell Hacienda in 3 months! 
Now we at the Best Homes Team believe that all homes are saleable if they’re marketed right. Unfortunately for the seller of Hacienda her home had not been marketed well enough with the two previous listing agents & subsequently lost a lot of money as the market fell & her home continued to sit on the market. While the photographs & efforts put forth by her previous agents were “OK” they weren’t “Wow!” In this slower real estate market homes have to be presented as “Wow” properties from the very start. Here’s how we made Hacienda Drive “Wow!”…
Here is the primary, opening photograph used by her previous agent on the MLS:
Here are a couple of the superior photos we used to present Hacienda at its best:
Capturing the interest of a buyer immediately is of the utmost importance. BUYERS ARE NOT USING THE INTERNET TO SELECT HOMES, BUT TO ELIMINATE THE ONES THEY DO NOT WANT TO SEE. This being said, poor photos can cost a seller buyers. This was the sad case for the seller of Hacienda while listed with her previous agents.
Our job in the marketing portion of selling a home is to capture the buyer interest that is out there. This is exactly what we did for Hacienda from the “WOW” factor of the photographs, UT ads, online exposure, Open Houses, & global e-mails we kept Hacienda in front of the public & grabbed their attention. The more people view your home on-line the more likely they are to visit your home; the more buyers who visit your home the greater the perception for demand; the greater the perception of demand results in fear of loss by other buyers which can drive up the final sales price for your home. It’s that simple!
SO, HERE'S THE STORY OF HOW 1308 HACIENDA DRIVE SOLD... With our top-notch online presentation & marketing Hacienda had a steady stream of prospective buyers come out & look at the home. We had many buyers interested, just not in the financial position to purchase “just yet” or else others who loved the home but were intimidated by the extent of cosmetic enhancements that the home would require. Since Rob has worked in real estate for over 23 years he has honed his intuition as to when the “right” buyer has come along—this is exactly what happened with the buyer of Hacienda. The buyer was looking for a property to put a residential care facility, but wasn’t sure if he could do it at Hacienda. After a month or two of correspondence & phone calls with the buyer’s agent we finally had a deal signed & Hacienda in escrow! Through great marketing & persistence Hacienda went into escrow, recently closed & now both buyer & seller are living happily ever after.  THE END!