As I prepare to leave the office for Memorial Day Weekend my thoughts have turned to what a month it's been!  I remember years ago when I left Century 21...  After riding this big round ball for 12 trips around the sun at that office I had an entire wall full of sales awards.  Not ever being one much for trophies (I have no idea where my wrestling medals and high school letterman jacket went), I packed the wooden & bronze plaques & trophies into a box and took them to the dumpster behind the office where I chucked them in.  The other agents were aghast!  The very awards they dreamed of one day receiving were cast away as garbage?!?!  Blasphemy!

Yet to me these awards meant nothing.  The reason I've stuck with this business for so many years isn't about the awards.  Nope - accolades and such are of little interest to me.  It is the rewards that keep me going on a day-to-day basis.  The happy clients, the problems solved, and the home sales closed and families moved.  Those are the true rewards for me.

Yep - we had our share of hurdles this month...  Asbestos remediation, bad calls by home inspectors, loan documents sent to the wrong lender in the wrong city (not by the escrow company of our choice, but another off brand, again showing the importance of using trusted services) - but we were able to get through it all and close the deals that were supposed to close and get the others ready for closings in the next week or two.

This Friday I'm leaving slightly tired, but brimming in satisfaction.  We sold 2 homes at prices much higher than the comparable sales dictated and closed the deal on the horse property for our buyers where the loan documents went awry.  We also sold a home that was previously listed with another Broker, but sold only after the client switched to the Best Homes Team.

My clients are happy, and that's the reward I'm striving for.

So to all - have a wonderful Memorial Day and let us not forget the sacrifices made so we can all live free!

Best wishes to you from Rob and the Best Homes Team